About Us

As Dortlu Elevator, we continued our story, which started in Konya in 2017, by establishing the "Dortlu Cable" brand in Malatya in 2018. We continue to produce elevator spare parts and elevator installation cables in our modern production facility of 5000 m² in total, 2000 m² in Konya and 3000 m² in Malatya. While we deliver our products to every region of our country, we export elevator spare parts and elevator cables to 17 countries without interruption..


 We produce in Cast Nail, Rope Bottle, Cable Groups, Balance Chain, Spiral Hose, Leaf Nail, Sheet Nail and Console product groups. . Together with our professional staff in the field, we always prepare ourselves and our team for the future in line with the changing technology and conditions, and we develop our quality & trust policy every day by doing the necessary training, R&D, innovation studies related to this process.

First of all;

“We Really Love Our Job.”
Maybe This Is The One And Only Reason For Our Success. Because We Know That; However, when you love a job, you work to improve yourself and be more successful in that field. Everyone in the Quad Elevator Team is doing their job with love and is making an effort to improve in their own fields.

“We Are Constantly Searching To Get Better At Our Business.”
We are constantly conducting research on subjects such as Customer Satisfaction, Educated Staff and Technologically Appropriate Firms, which are among the subjects we attach the most importance to. We follow what's new in these fields and design them to be usable materials for our customers.

“We Create Solutions, Not Excuses.”
We know very well that the work we are trying to do is more difficult than expected. While Carrying out Important Projects of Many Different Firms at the Same Time, We Face Various Problems. However, instead of looking for excuses as to why these problems cannot be solved, we focus on how to solve these problems. That's Why We Create "Solutions" Not "Excuses" While Carrying Out These Projects.

“We Work Disciplined And Programmatically.”
Regardless of the sector you serve, no matter how your working conditions are arranged; We believe that if you want to be successful in that field, you must work in a disciplined manner within the framework of certain programs. We organize the work flow for every project we work on, and we take care that all our employees, including the project team, remain loyal to this process.

“We are working to have a real Vision”

For us, vision is seeing things that cannot be seen easily from the outside. That's why we approach every job we do with empathy and look at it again and again from different angles by keeping the Affordable Price, Fast delivery, customer information sms system and customer satisfaction at the highest level, which our customers pay attention to the most.


Of course, these are not all the features that make the Dortlu Elevator different. When you get to know us better, you can better understand why we are “different”.

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